'Arm in Arm' fine art print

$35.00$40.00 excl. tax

  • Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper
  • Paper weight: 7.67 oz/y² (260 g/m²)
  • 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
  • Slightly glossy
  • Fingerprint resistant

Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center (Centre de Rehabilitation des Primates de Lwiro, or CRPL) was created in 2002. They currently look after 92 chimpanzees and 108 monkeys of 13 different species, all of them victims of the pet trade and/or poaching. Without centers like Lwiro no confiscation of captive animals would be possible, which also makes them essential for law enforcement. The chimpanzees and monkeys at Lwiro have become ambassadors for their wild cousins. Their education and sensitization program reaches more than 4.500 people every year.

BrightRedBuffalo.com began partnering with Lwiro Primate Rehabilitaiton Center in 2020. Every decision we make affects our planet and the other living beings we share it with. BrightRedBuffalo.com was created to help raise awareness about the many environmental crises Earth is facing right now, and to spread the message of our responsibility to make the best choices possible for Earth, Nature, and Our Future.


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